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The hand crank lift desk is mainly used in the office. It has a simple appearance and the legs are synchronized. The table can be lifted and lowered by hand shaking. The gear box is used to drive the screw, and the transmission rod is connected in series to realize the synchronization of the legs. The pipes are made of seamless precision steel pipes. The stroke is 450mm, and the length of one turn is 12mm. It only needs to shake 37.5 turns to go from the shortest to the highest, which is twice the efficiency of the general lead in the market of 6mm; the static load of the product is 100kg, and the load-bearing capacity will not be under 100kg. Sliding down, the running load is 60KG. The table frame is fixed and retractable, suitable for panels with a length of 1000-1800, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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